This contains pages for individual cemeteries, and provides information about the cemetery location. The additional information and media provided for each cemetery will vary based on what each collaborator is able to gather. Typically there will be a sub-page for gravestones that have been transcribed, and also a photo gallery. Those interested in making use of information or media contained therein should cite both the collaborator / contributor responsible for the information / media, and also The Gravestone Project.  Visit the Cemeteries page >>

Literary Graves

This contains pages for graves, gravestones, and memorials for literary figures of note. It is our hope that this will provide information for educators, those working on the authors whose graves are included, and also for those who plan to visit literary graves.

Grave of the Week

We plan to launch this page by December, 2013.  This page will feature a grave each week with an accompanying short essay written by a collaborator describing the grave and how it relates to their own scholarly and / or artistic interests.

Pet Cemeteries

This will contain pages for pet cemeteries.  We hope to launch this by mid-autumn 2013.


Once we have reached critical mass, as it were, we will begin tagging the data gathered thus far, and will begin mapping the data for historical, regional, and conceptual trends.

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