Each cemetery site contains some or all of the following types of pages:

  • Gravestone Transcription Pages: These pages include small images of individual pre-1900 gravestones, and contain (or will eventually contain) comprehensive transcriptions of these gravestones–that is, any legible text on the gravestone, and also a description of the gravestone itself (e.g. shape, font type, current state, design). Gravestones on these pages are numbered to allow for cross-referencing with the Gravestone Details pages.
  • Gravestone Details Galleries: These pages include large images of details on pre-1900 gravestones including close-up shots of font, cracks, lichen, typographical errors, and sculptural elements. Images are numbered so as to allow cross-referencing with the Gravestone Transcription pages.
  • Graveyard and Church Galleries: Intended to provide an overview of each cemetery, these pages include wide shots of graveyards and churches, images of representative and remarkable gravestones, and representative and remarkable gravestone details.
  • Literary Connections: These pages include information about, and when possible quotes from, literary references to the cemetery or to individual gravestones; location-specific events and visits that are of special historical and/or literary importance; and information about any literary references contained on gravestones.

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If you would like to contribute images of and transcriptions from a cemetery not currently on the site, or if you would like to assist in transcribing images already on the site, please click here.

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