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Grave Notes: A call for contributions

Grave Notes offers an exciting new forum for the exchange of ideas about eighteenth- and nineteenth-century graveyard cultures, and is open to postgraduate, academic, and independent researchers, especially those working in Literature, Cultural Studies, History, Art History, Media Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Religious Studies.

Short academic essays of approximately 2,000 words (excluding footnotes) are invited, which may focus on topics including (but not limited to):

  • representations of graves/graveyards in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature
  • specific literary authors’ relationships to graveyards/aspects of graveyard cultures
  • artistic representations of graveyards and gravestones
  • graveyard and gravestone design, art, and iconography
  • visitation, memorialization, and mourning practices
  • graves, gravestones, and burial rituals in popular culture
  • cultural studies of graveyards and graveyard culture in specific locales
  • theoretical, philosophical, and religious dimensions of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century graveyards
  • material aspects of graveyards (architecture, plot arrangement, landscape, lighting, material type, material aging)
  • historiographical approaches (for example, aesthetic differences, economics, burial practices, public health measures, religious and political vicissitudes)
  • pedagogical approaches to helping students learn about graveyard literature and culture

Responses to a single poem, prose extract, painting, text or gravesite are welcomed, as are more wide-ranging approaches. Pieces that include personal field research and photographic or digital use of gravestones and graveyard iconography are especially welcome. Contributors are also encouraged to make use of the photographic resources available on The Gravestone Project website (

For further details and informal enquiries, please contact Chris Washington (