Levels of involvement in The Gravestone Project:

Collaborators are those who wish to contribute images and transcriptions on a semi-regular basis, and / or write and edit essays for the site on a semi-regular basis.  If you might be interested at becoming involved at this level, please contact Emily B. Stanback and Polly Atkin at gravestoneproject at gmail.com.

Contributors are those who send in pictures or transcriptions, or write an essay for the site without any expectation of sustained involvement in the project.

Types of involvement in The Gravestone Project:

1) If you have an idea for an essay or other contribution for the Grave Responses, Grave Notes, or Other Graves page please contact us at gravestoneproject at gmail.com.

2) If you would like to contribute photographs of a literary grave, please do the following:

  • photograph the gravestone / graveyard
  • note the date, as well as the location–including, if possible, a post or zip code (so we can literally map it)
  • write it up and send it in to us at gravestoneproject at gmail.com

3) If you wish you photograph a cemetery, please keep in mind that we are interested in images for the following types of pages:

  • Gravestone Transcription Pages: These pages include small images of individual pre-1900 gravestones, and contain (or will eventually contain) descriptions and transcriptions of these gravestones. Photographs of gravestones with designs that are common in a given cemetery are welcome; photographs of gravestones with epitaphs or interesting designs–or that are otherwise unusual–are especially welcome. Photographs taken for these pages should show the gravestone as a whole, and if text is difficult to read, close-ups of text may also be advisable.
  • Gravestone Details Galleries: These pages include large images of details on pre-1900 gravestones including close-up shots of font, cracks, lichen, typographical errors, and sculptural elements. Images are numbered so as to allow cross-referencing with the Gravestone Transcription pages, so close-up photographs should correspond with photographs taken for the Gravestone Transcription page.
  • Graveyard and Church Galleries: Intended to provide an overview of each cemetery, these pages include wide shots of graveyards and churches, images of representative and remarkable gravestones, and representative and remarkable gravestone details. Should you wish to take photographs for a graveyard or church gallery, simply take photographs that will give viewers an idea of what the graveyard or church is like.

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