Why map?

By creating various maps of the graves explored throughout the website, our aim is to highlight the spatial relationships between individual gravesites, as well as epitaphs, motifs, iconography, and other features of gravestones. We hope that these visualizations will help to suggest future areas of research on the spatial, aesthetic, historical, and literary elements of these sites.

This type of representation will also allow us to explore the spatial relationships between actual graveyards and literary representations of graveyards, and to consider the ways in which these two forms are intertextually, and interspatially, related. By offering the opportunity to explore connections between real and imagined landscapes, we hope that the Grave Cartography resource will, as literary critic Jerome McGann has suggested, provide ways of ‘[imagining] what you know’, and then of ‘testing it, scaling it up, modifying it, and then reimagining it’ (Radiant Textuality: Literature and the World Wide Web, p. 88).

A note on our maps

All mapping work for this page has so far been undertaken using Google’s Maps and Earth programmes. Whilst Maps is more accessible on a wider variety of devices, Earth offers the opportunity to explore these spaces from many different angles and viewpoints, and to vicariously ‘travel’ through the landscape. Earth also makes it possible to include intertextual references as part of the map, thereby highlighting the integral relationship between text and space highlighted by this project. As the project develops, we hope to include more experimental maps which highlight less obvious connections between these graves.

The maps are currently being updated, so keep checking back for new sites.

~ Jo Taylor, Grave Cartography Page Curator

Literary Graves

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.20.29 PM

This map contains the graves of literary authors and other figures of importance to 18th- and 19th-century literary culture in Britain and the United States. A work in progress, it will be updated as gravesites are added to the Literary Graves page.

If you have an image of a literary grave not included on the map that you would like to share with us, please visit the Become a Collaborator page.

Visit the Literary Graves Map >>