We have begun to compile a list of literary figures, as well as related individuals (artists, friends, family members, philosophers), that we would like to include on The Gravestone Project’s Literary Graves page. Below are two versions of the list. In the first, names are listed alphabetically (by surname); in the second, names are listed by gravesite location (country, state/county, town/city, and graveyard name). Should you wish to visit and photograph a grave, we suggest that you consider visiting the geographical list in order to determine whether there are other notable graves in the same graveyard as the one you would like to photograph.

The list is long but is by no means comprehensive, and to some extent represents the compiler’s specializations in British Romantic literature and poetry. If you would like us to add a name to the Wish List, please email us at gravestoneproject@gmail.com.

If you have taken a photograph of a grave on our Wish List and you’re willing to share it, please email it to us at gravestoneproject@gmail.com. We also welcome images of graves not included on the list.

View the list organized alphabetically >>

View the list organized geographically >>