Visitors: Iain Watts
Photographer: Iain Watts
Date: June 10, 2007


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Graveyard Gallery I



Researcher: Emily B. Stanback

John St. John Long
The case of controversial quack doctor John St. John Long was discussed in medical and popular periodicals in the early 1830s, and was added to The New Newgate Calendar. Although John St. John Long had been charged with manslaughter in the deaths of two patients, The New Newgate Calendar reports that his memorial in Kensal Green Cemetery was erected by grateful former patients.  Read more >>

Wilkie Collins
Nineteenth-century author Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) is buried in Kensal Green. Collins is primarily known for novels including The Woman in White, No Name, Armadale, and The Moonstone, as well as the play No Thoroughfare, which he co-authored with friend and literary collaborator Charles Dickens.

John Cam Hobhouse (Baron Broughton)
Memoirist and politician John Cam Hobhouse (1786 – 1869) became friends with Lord Byron while at Cambridge. Before his political career, Hobhouse traveled with Byron in the Mediterranean; he also contributed to the poet’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage.

Other notable interments in the above linked photo gallery include Prince George, Duke of Cambridge (1819 – 1904) and equestrian performer Andrew Ducrow (1793 – 1842).

Famous interments not included in above photo gallery:

Many other figures relevant to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literary cultures were buried in Kensal Green, including

  • Byron, Lady Anne Isabella Noel (Millbanke) * (1792-1860)
  • Cruikshank, George * (1791-1878) (original burial place)
  • Forster, John (1812-1876)
  • Hood, Thomas (1798-1843)
  • Hunt, (James Henry) Leigh (1784-1859)
  • Leech, John * (1817-1864)
  • Murray, John (1778-1843)
  • Smith, Sydney (1771-1845)
  • Thackeray, William Makepeace (1811-1863)
  • Trollope, Anthony (1815-1882)
  • Waterhouse, John William * (1849-1917)

Also buried at Kensal Green are a number of other notable figures, including Rudolph Ackerman; Harrison Ainsworth; Charles Babbage; James Graham Ballard; James Barry; George Birkbeck; John Braham; George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower; Sir Marc Isambard Brunel; Decimus Burton; Philip Calderon; John Edward Carew; Henry Colburn; Charles Wentworth Dilke; John Gladstone; (Princess) Sophia Matilda Hanover; Mary Scott Hogarth (epitaph by Charles Dickens); John Callcott Horsley; Charles & Fanny Kemble; Robert Lindley; William Charles Macready; Harold Pinter; Phillip Cipriani Potter; John Shaw Sr. and Jr; H. W. (William Henry) Smith; Howard Staunton; John Tenniel.

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